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Antareus was originally born in New Zealand to create digital publications to be distributed on the Internet. It was founded in 2011 by Adolfo Navarro and Izara Masie who joined their skills to create and distribute digital graphic novels using the advantages that computer graphic design allows.

Beyond that first goal, we have expanded our offer developing 3D animations and digital content, taking full advantage of new software and hardware tools that allow us to optimize dramatically our productions.

Please, click on WORKS to get a glimpse of our current developments. You can contact us pressing the CONTACT button and filling the attached form. We’ll be happy to hear about your projects.

Adolfo Navarro

Adolfo Navarro was born in Barcelona in 1959 and after studying Telecommunications Engineering was quickly absorbed by the world of computers and became an active software developer.

The powerful programs for graphic animation captured his attention and they became a perfect way to convert his imagination into a drawn reality.

Izara Masie

Izara Masie was born in Barcelona in 1978. She has a chemistry degree by the University of Girona, but she was also quickly attracted by the computer world and web development.

She has become an essential part of the Antareus project and is the co-founder of the company.